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Monday, April 23, 2012


10:23 AM

name of the island within 15 minutes from Cape Kelayang is taken from the forms of giant granite boulders that are the island, which at first glance similar to B2, aka Pig. Pig Island is divided into two parts, pork baby baboons and pigs, little pigs and pigs aka big. Both are close together, like a mother pig nursing her baby. This area is beautiful and exotic with giant granite boulders protruding on the surface of white sand, not to mention the small forest overgrown with palm trees and other shady phon make the atmosphere more cool. In a radius of several meters around the island is growing benyak aquatic plants such as algae. Unfortunately, these beautiful islands are uninhabited, perfect for those of you who want berprtualang with tent camping alias. From here you are presented with views of several other islands nearby, such as Bird Island is just a beautiful piece of habitat but the birds that will fly to and fro to welcome your arrival. Or even an island full of granite, which serve as one of the tin mines.
Want to come here?From the city center you can access your vehicle to Cape Tanjong Kelayang or High, for two tanjongan is most in demand and a nearby pier to the island. The journey continues with a boat motor, as the only access to the island. Boat rental rates range from 300 to 350 thousand per day, that does not include buoys or rent snorkeling equipment.
Want to Stay?Lor In Hotel in Tanjong High or Kelayang Cottage in Cape Kelayang be the right choice for the comfort of your break. Dipesisirnya small shops can be your choice with the budget, or if you are a hobby tents can camp on the island of his pig.
Want to Eat?Lor In Resort restaurants or restaurants in Kelayang Cottage offers special menus and a variety of flavors for your tongue, both typical of Mediterranean cuisine style or the Pacific Islands. For a budget you can indulge in some small diner dipesisir tanjungan the two.

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