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Monday, April 23, 2012


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Baturaden located in Banyumas, Central Java, Java Island, Indonesia State.

Baturaden is a tourist area of ​​the tube cool and cold, is just north of the capital city of Noida Banyumas, exactly south slope of Mount Slamet. Baturaden can be reached by private or public vehicles such as public transportation or taxi, the distance of Navan town about 20 miles.

Baturaden region tend to be very cold air at night, visitors are advised to bring equipment to protect themselves from the cold, such as jackets, sweaters and so on.
To meet the needs of many visitors who come here to travel, then this region a lot of standing accommodation such as hotels and villas. Many tourists who come here on Sundays and national holidays. Baturaden is a pleasant place for recreation with family.

Some Tourist Attractions In the area Baturaden

Shower TeluHot water coming out of the shower is believed to contain sulfur address various skin diseases and bone. Tourists can enjoy the warmth of the water and the benefits of this Telu shower. This fountain is located next to the shower Pitu.
Pitu showerShower Pitu tourist area has natural beauty and forest as a place for recreation. Shower pitu tourist area is located approximately 2.5 miles from lokawisata Baturaden and located next to the shower three.
Quiet lakeQuiet lake is a beautiful lake and the cold watery. This recreation area is located approximately 3 km to the east lokawisata Baturaden.
Goa SarabadaIn Goa there are rocks Sarabada stunning golden color, and visitors can enjoy hot and cold fresh water in this cave.
Curug CipendokCipendok waterfall tourist attraction is the waterfall, this waterfall has a height of about 92 meters and is surrounded by forests and beautiful scenery.
Curug CehengCeheng waterfall waterfall is a tourist attraction, tourist attraction unique disekitat many flying animals cross beam.
Rotten bath timeBath time is rotten Dutch heritage tourism, tourists here can cure skin diseases and bone with a bath here while enjoying the beauty of its surroundings.
CampgroundsCamping is a camping ground which is often used by nature lovers and lovers out bond activity.
Parks Widya Mandala KalokaWidya Mandala Kaloka park is a zoo as a place of recreation, as well as educational attractions.This park has a collection of animals from various countries, such as from Asia, Australia and the Netherlands. Collection of such animals include elephants, monkeys, Paradise, New Guinea Crocodile, Iguana, Orang Utan, deer, three-legged goat, cow stalls, monkey (Buing), Pearl Chicken, Chicken Kate, Scaly-breasted Falcon, Kaswari and so on.
Museum BRIMuseum BRI is the only museum in the Indonesian banking in the City of Navan.In 1895, Bank Rakyat Indonesia was established by Raden Aria Wirjaatmadja with the name De Purwokertche Hulp en Spaarbank der Inlandche Bestuurs Ambtenaren.
Culinary TourBesides enjoying the natural attractions, tourists can also enjoy typical cuisine Navan, such Mendoan, Chips, Gudeg Navan, Dage, Gethuk Sokaraja, pancakes and more.
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