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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Marongan Island

12:11 PM

Apex marine and Fisheries agency will make and Marongan Gede Island at the country's waters as a core area of coral reef conservation. While the other coral Islands would be a buffer zone conservation.
Outside the core area and buffer, Head of Supervision and Protection of Marine Resources at the Department of Marine and Fisheries, Pamuji said, would be the common development. 
"In the area of ​​development that was eventually allowed fishermen to catch fish. Whereas in the core area and buffer made of pure coral reef conservation, "he explained, Sunday (1/1). 
Pamuji added, and Marongan Gede Island are two small islands that remained in the county's waters. The fate of the island is not as good Marongan Gede island that still leaves a green area of ​​about one hectare, while the island continues to struggle due to the depreciation of land sea abrasion. 
Marongan Island, almost no more plants left. The islang was nowleaving only mound of sandy soil. Yet according to Apex, coral island with a bridge connecting the mainland Apex has extensive up to 60 ha. In 2009, the island's extensive recorded live shrank 48.4. 

In addition to Gede and Marongan Island, in the waters of the district there were 13 coral islands scattered from Kaliori waters in the western district, to nest in the eastern district."The efforts of the conservation of coral reefs and small islands have been we are proposing to NOA (Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries - Red) and Central Java Provincial Government," he explained. 
Mentioned, the district has Rembang law No. 8 of 2007 for coastal zone management, marine and small islands. Joint regency of Central Java Province has recently been started with a coral reef conservation efforts to train a group of fishermen in the village of Tunggulsari, District Kaliori.
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