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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mountain Bukhan

7:11 AM

Bukhansan, or Mount Bukhan, is a mountain located in the northern city of Seoul, South Korea. Some of the important city of Seoul is limited by Bukhansan, which is a place that is easily seen from most areas of the city.
The mountain is 836.5 meters high above sea level. Bukhansan name means "Mountain of the North Han," referring to it lies to the north of the Han River. The mountain is also a sign of the northern boundary of Seoul in the Joseon era.
Bukhansan, and Bukhansan National Park which is a part, is a famous tourist attraction in Seoul. The mountain is renowned as one of the preferred destination to see the birds or to take a hike in the Seoul metropolitan area.

Currently in South Korea has been no attempt to return the name of Bukhansan. For many years until now, the three peaks in the park is named "Bukhansan"; though, the original name of the three peaks as a whole is Samkaksan, which means "three horned mountain" ("mountain three horns"). Head Gangbuk-gu District Office in Seoul has led a petition to the central government to change the name of this mountain, according to its original name.

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