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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Kimchi Museum

11:04 AM

The Kimchi Museum was built to study the culture of kimchi, one of the most well-known of Korean foods. It also serves to provide correct information about kimchi to Koreans and foreigners. Pulmuone, Inc. originally built the museum in in Pil-dong, Jung-gu in 1986. For the 1988 Summer Olympic Games, the museum was moved to the COEX to publicize kimchi to more foreigners. The museum was moved again recently on the occasion of the 3rd ASEM meeting in Seoul (2000).

The museum prepares video materials about kimchi and opened a lecture for housewives and young people. It also collects books and articles on kimchi and has played a key role in informing people around the world about Korea's kimchi culture thorough foreign media, including New York Times and the BBC. Numerous exhibitions about special kimchi served in temples and in North Korean, the museum has helped people to understand traditional Korean food better.

The museum includes displays of historic cooking utensils, a variety of kimchi, and other materials related to making, storing, and eating kimchi, including a a special highlight about Kimjang, preparing kimchi in a special way for winter. Data on fermentation and the beneficial effects of kimchi are also on display. The library, tasting room, and kimchi shop are also helpful to helping to understand kimchi.
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