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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Changdeok palace

2:28 PM
Changdeok palace is the palace of the Joseon Dynasty in Seoul. Located east of the main palace (Istana Gyeongbok), nicknamed Donggung (Eastern Palace). Changdeokgung means "Palace of Bright Virtue".
As the main palace, Gyeongbok Palace is surrounded by central government ancestral temples, sacrificial altars and government offices. However, like the palace and occupied much longer is Changdeok. When the Joseon Dynasty ended in 1910, the Palace of Government assets and Changdeok be opened to the public.
Until now, the complex has admired for its architectural elements inherit the Three Kingdoms Period in harmony with nature. [3] This approach is not encountered in the construction of Gyeongbok Palace. [3] Joint Hwaseong Fortress, the Palace Changdeok preserved as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in of 1997.

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