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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Maldives island

12:49 AM

Maldives islands planned to be used as an exotic tourist attractions, including sex tourism. Developers who have received the blessing of the government of Maldives is a company from Lithuania named Olialia.

Olialia will build a tourist resort in the Maldives islands, requires all employees with blond hair. Olialia also officially announced the project during a party at a nightclub in Vilnius. To attract tourists, among others, the company offers direct flights to the island with a blond crew, including pilots.

Maldives tourism projects in the plan began to be unveiled in 2015 was itself a lot of criticism from local media. Local media felt that this project is berbai racist and should not be operating in the Maldives. While the Maldives Act requires local employees must be recruited, at least 50 percent. But this is disputed by the Director of Olialia, Giedre Pukiene. He said the company was not being discriminated against.

Pukiene said all could apply to exempt employees without gender, ethnicity and hair color. "Only if there is a dark-haired woman and surrounded by blond women who are beautiful, will eventually dyed blonde too,"

Olialia strategy by employing a blond woman, can not be separated from the image that is sexy blonde women because usually when that comes to sex will sell. They do seem unique bid is the Baltic women and sex.

Olialia itself is a big company engaged in the business sector 75. And all models of the ad is sexy blond woman
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