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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Karimunjawa Island (Indonesia)

11:33 AM

Karimunjawa is a very beautiful group of islands "KARIMUNJAWA Archipelago", a white sand island air, island dream Karimun island, islands under the administration of this Jepara regency has 27 islands, a district which is divided into three villages, all white, sandy island "VIRGIN JAVA" julukanya , perairanya very clear, with no pollution because it is in Karimunjawa away from sources of pollution, very beautiful, some even like to say "throw the needles in the waters of this Karimunjawa will find it easy" with many islands there you can still live like Adam and Eve, only two of on a small island without interruption. Karimunjawa clear security is guaranteed, we will ensure the safety of people karimunjawa your goods, your existence, you want to try .....?? contact "AMBASSADOR HOTEL KARIMUN" Ipong 0297312207-08122827007 - 081914617007 to 085641867007
Your journey will be easier to take a Dive Package / package tour karimunjawa to us, because thereby you are utilizing your time a little, perhaps with 1M 2H what you can be more satisfying with us, than if you own the road, would bother to search for boat tickets, find the boat / car for the tour, pick up from the dock, guide, and catering message because there is no restaurant in karimunjawa, we must prepare everything for your satisfaction.
Our human resources are very qualified to be your guide in Karimunjawa tour, we are very experienced on karimunjawa, why? because we all Karimunjawa original,Karimunjawa is an area that most of its territory is ocean, travel Karimunjawa clearly are associated with the beach in this case we always educate our guide might prove as good as all of our employees are certified dive, which is issued by POSSI Pengda Java, so they are always our courses Include courses such as marine safety and rescue SAR and the majority of our employees are members of ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service) WILL BE SAFE WITH U.S. tour

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