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Monday, April 23, 2012

bangkaru island, thousand island turtle

10:31 AM

Many islands are the districts in Aceh Singkil.Untuk Bengkaru reach the island, everyone must go Singkil first. The journey from Medan can be reached by public transport about 8 hours. There is also providing Nusa Buana Air flights to Singkil, but only 2 times a week, Saturday and Monday morning. And any visitors are required to confirm prior to Many Island Foundation.
In 2006, Maggie Muurmans, a turtle expert from the Netherlands and Mahmud Bengkaru revive Island Foundation Many who had near-death in the tsunami and the conflict in Aceh Darussalam earth. With co-workers to pick up some new and supported NGO Eko Lestari Foundation (YEL) based in Medan and PanEco-one NGO based in Switzerland, they reactivate turtle conservation and ecotourism on the island Bengkaru.

The goal is not to maintain and preserve the life of green turtles netted brink of extinction due to fishing, turtle egg trade, the consuming turtle meat, and the people who make the turtle as a garnish / souvenirs. Not to mention the human activities that throw trash into the sea like a cork or plastic which results in death if eaten by the hatchlings (baby turtles).
To prevent the extinction tersebutlah, the organization provides counseling to the community, organizes workshops, meetings with community leaders to make education programs in schools to conserve natural resources around. In addition they also provide a venue for local and international students to undertake research on the island as a volunteer.
Admission to this island turtle conservation because it includes the cost of conservation. The cost usually per package. Included in this package 3 days 2 nights stay, eat three meals a day, and shuttle transportation. 3 days 2 nights chance is given to getting a chance to patrol sea turtles at night.
Turtle is usually stopped at the island green turtle, but when in season, hawksbill and leatherback turtles, which are called 'turtle ancestors' too often stop by. One remarkable luck when you can meet these leatherbacks.
Usually, the patrol made after dinner, around 8 pm. Shoes, flashlight, and a jacket is required to carry equipment. And that should not be forgotten, of course, snacks and drinking water. If you forget to bring it, guaranteed wait time was longer because you can do is wait and wait there.
On arrival at Turtle Beach / coastal Amandangan any flashlight should be turned off, because turtles are very sensitive to light. They can carry out the attack to stop by if you see the light of the beach. If you are lucky enough, we could see up to 5 of 7 green turtles turtle stopped. If it's in season (November to March) can be carried out two patrols to the morning shift.
Here, too, giving officers the opportunity to tagging. This tag bearing the number so as to facilitate data collection when the turtle was returned to the beach Amandangan. Tagging also gives the lowest limit of population information. This information will help protect sea turtles. In addition given the tagging, turtles are also being recorded, measured the length of its width, the number of turtles that stop at the beach, what he did, and the number of eggs. For leatherbacks, micro chip in order to facilitate identification contemplated in other countries such as Madagascar and India disinggahinya.
A green sea turtles can reach lengths of 80-90 cm with a width of 70-80 cm. As with the leatherback turtle can reach lengths of nearly 2 meters. Turtles in the first period (2 weeks) can be stopped at the beach 4 to 6 times. Not in every port of call these turtles lay their eggs, usually only 2 times a stopover. Sea turtles lay their eggs after the age of 25 years and can lay eggs once spawned 100-150 eggs. Of the many eggs that hatch, not all survive. Usually only last 2-3 tails.
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