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Friday, April 13, 2012

Changdeokgung Huwon

7:46 AM

Changdeokgung Huwon the rear garden (huwon) Changdeok Palace and the main park Joseon style. This park has an area of ​​74 acres and consists of undulating plains landscape shaped building with 35 pieces of large and small, seven artificial ponds and lush forests and spring flows. From all of this design, only 1% are made by humans. When the teams enter the Palace Changdeok UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1997, they wrote the comment "an exceptional example for Eastern palace architecture and design blending harmoniously with the surrounding landscape" ("an example of architecture and design exceptions from the far east of the palace which blends harmoniously with the the surrounding landscape "). There are several pools and a pavilion in the park that reflects the typical architecture of the Joseon minimize and maximize the artificial concept of natural factors. Despite looking cool, this park is not far from downtown Seoul. The main buildings include Yeonghwadang Hall (Hall of Flowers reflections), Juhamnu Hall (Hall of Heaven), and Hall Yeongyeongdang a lily pond complete the square. In the Joseon era, those who successfully passed the state civil examination (gwageo) were invited to the park is to receive congratulations from the king. Juhamnu is a pavilion that serves as the library of the royal family. This pavilion was built by King Jeongjo (1752-1800) who loved to read books and seek knowledge. In addition there are Seohyanggak pavilion (Hall Books Harum) is designed with special ventilation and light settings so that the books are kept is not obsolete. Yeongyeongdang Hall is building residence complex that looks like a private home.

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