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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Jeju Island

11:41 AM

Jeju or Cheju is an island located at the tip of the Korean Peninsula and close to Japan. Jeju is the largest and most famous island among other islands in Korea 3000. Jeju Island, or can be called also Jejudo this is the most famous tourist island in Korea. Even the Korean island of Jeju often refer to as its Korean island of Bali.

A subtropical island that stands with various legends and amazing scenery. Of the famous places in Jeju, one that we can see the mountain top Hallasan (1950m), highest mountain in Korea is surrounded by sea water direndami blooming beautiful flowering plants.
Jeju Island is the warmest areas in winter and snow are very rare, so that the plants are usually grown in temperate regions can survive. View Korean dialects (blended) Jeju is a very unique language, which is almost similar to the Japanese. This is because the relationship of culture and history of past ties between the two regions.

Because of its beauty would not be surprised if the island of Jeju become tourist attractions. Even the film industry often have a setting where koreapun Jeju island. One of these k-drama adala Jewell In The Palace or Dae Jang Geum is better known. Serial full house also takes place where the island of Jeju.
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