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Saturday, March 24, 2012


7:37 PM
Economic globalization is a process of organization that is also experienced in the tourism industry, particularly international tourism. The tourism industry is an industry that prioritizes services. Tourism, as one economic sector that is strongly associated with the global economy if developed properly will greatly help the economic life of a State.

Because the number of international trips by foreign tourists are increasingly growing, Indonesia became better known by the tourists mencanegara. Special educational programs for the tourism industry should be extended to most areas or tourist areas. The program must include all workers of the tourism industry from simple to expert staff who have to take care of tour guide and provide information to tourists and the people who live in the region.

Lack of tourism personnel for both professional and non-managerial level, it seems also related to career prospects may not have been much taken into account for this. Career opportunities for tourism professionals, it seems not much known to the public. Even the tourism academy is not often get first choice of prospective students. Views of the people of Indonesia are often mistaken or less positively to hotel, restaurant, or those who work in tourist centers.
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