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Thursday, March 22, 2012

selatan coastal

8:50 AM

port the queen, or more popular as the Queen's Harbour Beach, is a place wista the Indian ocean in the south coast of West Java. It is located about 60 km to the south of Sukabumi.
Since the city is there, Palabuhanratu has become a tourist destination that has a lot to the attention of the wider community both local tourists and foreign tourists. No wonder indeed due to demographic Palabuhanratu the gulf coast area which has a stretch of coastline that makes visitors comfortable. Stretch of coastline stretching from Beach Holidays Start Loji (Simpenan) As of the Coast Karanghawu (Cisolok). In addition Palabuhanratu possess differences from other tourist areas, because although the temperature of its natural coastal areas but not too hot as in other areas that in fact the beach area. this is because Palabuhanratu in addition to having a beautiful panta merupa well as other demographic and shade trees in the hills of this city so that tourists can make or man ever come to Palabuhanratu will make them feel at ease and will continue to frequent berkenjung to this city.
Within a day, has been widely menadatangan Palabuhanratu Hundreds of visitors come to enjoy its natural beauty. If every Saturday and Sunday we can see how enthusiastic people are often looked solid lokalpun meet sandy beaches along the coast Palabuhanratu, Citepus, cikakak, Cimaja, until the reefs hawu Karangpapak Cisolok.
Moreover, if the holiday season arrives, both the school holidays, holiday after holiday, or the beginning of the year-end holidays, and kemacetanpun hustle and bustle of overcrowded often the case with the sea of ​​people and vehicles both locally and from outside the area. they come in either by private vehicle (motor-car), even so many visitors that come-do by using both pickups SS type car or truck. So no wonder, with the hectic city visited by tourists, the government immediately merenopasi kabupatenpun this city better by speeding up infrastructure construction, and set fish auction (Jetty) and shopping that are part of the service for the convenience of tourists.
After 2000, inaugurated Palabuhanratupun in the capital of the Regency Sukabumi, and it is also in line with the original pemerintahanpun centralized office in the City Cisaat Sukabumi almost all executive and legislative agencies to switch to Palabuhanratu.
In 2006, began also pembengunan Steam Power Plant (Power Plant) located at Muara Cimandiri (Rawakalong-Cipatuguran) whose construction has been running four years but until now still not yet certain whether to when it will be completed.
Over the past 4 years Cipatuguran power plant, a lot of positive and negative impacts. its positive impact is that the District Sukabumi no longer as backward districts which only enjoy as a consumer of electricity, as well as the power plant also provides many job opportunities for youth in the district of Sukabumi in reducing the number of unemployed to labor, although the plant is still in sndiri Domination by force Work from East Java tlah despite the toppling of other income for the community is the emergence of many new boarding-lodging house.
But a terrible impact that the impact is negative. let's see, Damage to the highway because of car transporters lalulalangnya raw materials from the Start Stone power plant building bolder, Seplit Stone, Sand, Means Everything else above that tonnage should average mellintasi Palabuhanratu tourist path. Hills that used to look presentable when we come to Palabuhanratu now been reduced to rubble. salh one visible example is the loss of a hill in the area Cilengsing-Citarik, yield lantaknya Hill is a hill on Mount smile when the Mount Sumping no government agency is the Office of Public Works (PU) District. Sukabumi jalannyapun heavily damaged. In addition Jangilus Fish Statue at a crossroads (Siliwangi, Pond, Bhayangkara, Cangehgar) were missing. Gate at the entrance of the boat which was in bagbagan Palabuhanratu also been in force since car transporter unloading material building materials could not penetrate it.
Long-term negative impact, namely, temperature Palabuhanratu who is starting the feel it is getting warmer because of damage to the greening of the hills that will surround the city Palabuhanratu apali if later the plant was in operation. Cimandiri estuary that had been paradise brackish water fish and shrimp as well as crocodiles and other aquatic animals have been bothered so much nelayanpun former fishing around the estuary, when it can no longer because the seulit fish. especially if the later plant has been operating and the waste down in the estuary. Another possible impact that can be inflicted on hawatirkan which will further decrease in the interest of the tourists to come to Palabuhanratu if you have seen and felt the natural conditions are not as beautiful and sesejuk Palabuhanratu past.
Hopefully the developers and government parat can look beyond the impact to be in tmbulkan so they can make preparations in anticipation of more sprightly. So that people will not feel the negative effects are more severe and people do not become victims as another example of when this has happened other than the air temperature is getting warmer, it also rained when his people Sentiong, Palabuhanratu Pangsor and golden roe often receive the full impact of flash floods in mud and small batubatuan brought from the former stone dredging in Bukit bolder smile Mount Sumping
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