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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

World's Best Islands

3:14 AM
world's best islands: Galapagos

No. 10 Galápagos, Ecuador

The wild islands of the Galápagos continue to lure travelers 600 miles west of Ecuador. Where else can you watch a marine iguana dive for seaweed beneath a circling blue-footed booby? To better protect the landscape, cruises are now capped at 15 days with no repeated ports, though they remain the best way to see this perennial World’s Best Awards winner (in 2010 it was ranked No. 1 island overall). Which itinerary to choose? GalaOdyssey’s new 16-passenger Galápagos Grand Odyssey luxury yacht pampers guests with Jacuzzis and a spa while en route to a stop at sea-lion central Mosquera.
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