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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Capones Island

2:51 AM
Just four hours away from the country’s capital, Capones Island is the weekend traveler’s delight. The virgin paradise in the province of Zambales boasts of its white sand, abounding marine life and the famous Spanish lighthouse.

To get there; drive or take a bus from Manila to San Antonio, Zambales. Make your way to the Pundaquit dock and hail a boat. The half-hour boat ride can be quite rough as waves can get pretty strong so pack extra clothes and put your things in waterproof containers.

With the island being unsullied by commercial establishments, tourists need to prepare basic necessities like food, clothes and potable water. But don’t worry, the effort will be worth the experience.
Here are some things you can do when visiting this pristine island:

Experience life unsullied by modern convenience and stay at the island overnight. Just bring your own camping gear as it is not available at the island.

Hire a guide and discover the island’s mysterious mountain where landmarks like the image of Mary Magdalene and the Capones Lighthouse.

Take a dip into the sea that surround Capones and get a glimpse of the island’s marine life. You could also snorkel. Just remember to bring your swimsuit and snorkeling gear.

Capones is famous for having strong tides ideal for surfing. Ride away as you need not wait long for good waves.
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