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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lkae Singkarak

9:13 AM

Located in West Sumatra province, between Padang Panjang city and Solok region district.  The  Singkarak Lake is one of the greatest lakes in Sumatra, it type is tectonic, covered about 107.8 KM square, which have  two major river to flows the excess water of Singkarak lake; Ombilin river and  and Anai river. And the lake used as a water power station, which are generating power for West Sumatra province and Riau province. On this lake lives endemic fish, called ikan bilih/ mystacoleucus padangensis. Singkarak lake is about 15 KM from Padang Panjang city, it is a beautiful place for tourism destination.  It is nice for fishing trips or just for picnic with your family.  The Singkarak lake can be reach by public  transportations.

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