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Monday, January 30, 2012

These 10 Beautiful Beaches in the World

3:19 PM
      The beach! Who can resist the natural beauty of this one? This is where one can enjoy the waves, the ocean, the beauty of the horizon, white sand, until the sun spray. Well, as an alternative holidays, 10 most beautiful beaches in the world version of this be missed.

1. Escenico Mirador, San Carlos, Mexico
    Looking for beautiful beaches in Mexico? Just go to the Mirador Escenico which is about four miles from San Carlos. Cortes beach offering breathtaking views of the Gulf of California and the volcanic hills Tetakawi. Good way to explore the Gulf of California (Sea of ​​Cortes) this is by renting a kayak and go fishing boat in San Carlos, about November to May. More info can be found at

2. Kalaupapa, Molokai, Hawaii

    This beach is located three miles from Kalaupapa National Park History. It lies hidden behind the cliffs as high as 3315 feet above the Pacific. The park is closed every Sunday and can be ordered through or

3. Cape Leeuwin, Australia

    In Australia there are no less beautiful beaches. Cape Leeuwin name. This beach has a lighthouse as a monitoring tool path busiest and most dangerous in the world voyage.

If you want to watch whales, visit in the winter in June to December. Meanwhile, if you want to sunbathe while enjoying views of the beach, come down there in the summer. Interested? Visit for complete information.

 4. In the vicinity of Sur and Aija, Oman
    In the city of Sur, or more precisely on the northeast coast of Oman, there is a rocky beach which offers beautiful views of a village and Aija River. There are many people here on vacation and traveling. This tour info on

5. Hornbjarg, Iceland
    Most remote regions have the West Fjords. This place is home to one of the largest cliffs in the world and the largest razorbill bird colonies. In the west there Hornbjarg Iceland also has white sand beaches and glaciers SNA | fellsjo ¨ Kull.
Rent a sailboat in Isafjord to go to Hornbjarg and some residential areas in the northern district of Strandir. Travel info you can see in or

6. St. Johna's Head, Hoy, Orkneys, Scotland
    At the northern tip of the island of Hoy also there is a beach located around the highest vertical sea cliff in Britain St Johna's Head. The best time to see the cliffs is during the summer when the sun began to set.
If not satisfied, you still get to watch from different angles from the ferry that runs from Scrabster to Stromness. Other sights are not less interesting views of the ship is the Old Man. Travel Info can be found at

7. Son Marroig, Mallorca, Spain

    Other beautiful scenery can be found in Mallorca, Spain. Info and booking travel tickets Peninsula Na Foradada (sharp stones), you can see our site official.

8. Bay of Sagres, Portugal

    For historical adventure, try going to the Bay of Sagres is located in Portugal. This is the European mainland which tells the history of civilization in the 15th century and the opening of sea routes to India.
The best way to explore the Bay of Sagres and Cape St. Vincent is by automobile or on foot, because there is no public transportation. Look into

9. Dun Aengus, Aran Islands, Ireland 
   This is one of the most beautiful castle in Europe. Dun Aengus is above the 328-high cliff above the sea. From here you can see the island of Inishmore and the Connemara coast in the distance. Take a look

10. Coast Road, Western Sahara
    In addition to the area known as the Dakar rally, the Atlantic coast also has a beautiful charm. There are several lagoons are surrounded by rows of palm trees and camels for tourist rentals. Western Sahara is also in demand as a kite-flying area, mincing and surfing. More info, please check and

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